World Championships

IAAF World Championships Sports Betting The IAAF World Championships of Athletics is a prestigious athletic event held every two years. Over 200 countries take part in the competition that features a diverse selection of athletic events. The events are quite similar to Olympic events, with a focus more on track and field events. There are … [Read more…]

Online Betting Guide

The Value of an Online Betting Guide The world of online sports betting is a huge, vibrant and profitable industry. Part of the attraction of the various sporting codes available for wagering is that they all have different types of betting and wagering opportunities. Punters, too, in dealing with money and the desire to increase … [Read more…]

NBA Finals

Online Sports Betting And The NBA Finals The NBA Finals is the final championship game of the Eastern and Western basketball champions of the American Conference Finals. The NBA Finals are preceded by the Playoffs. This is where the 8 best teams from the 15 team Eastern Conference and the 8 best teams from the … [Read more…]

FA Cup Final

The FA Cup Final The FA Cup Final is the last match in the Football Association Challenge Cup. Based in England, it is known to locals often as only the Cup Final. The FA Cup Final is one of the largest football, that is, soccer, events in the world. As is common in soccer games, … [Read more…]

Boston Marathon

Introduction to the Boston Marathon The Boston Marathon is the world’s oldest yearly marathon and is considered one of the best road races. The marathon takes place every year on the third Monday in April which is the national holiday, Patriot’s Day. The Boston Marathon was first run in 1897 after the successful Summer Olympics … [Read more…]

Thai Sunrise

Classic Oriental Slot Thai Sunrise Online The traditional oriental slot game theme is just that, traditional, having seen the reels of many a game over the years. There is definitely something about this theme that keeps players coming back for more, and developers like Amaya Games creating more, like this Thai Sunrise online slot. This … [Read more…]

Texas Hold’Em Bonus

Top Online Poker with Texas Hold’Em Bonus Amaya Games may be more notable for their slot games than their poker but with the similarities between video poker and slot games this may have been good middle ground for them to experiment. This online video poker from them is called Texas Hold’Em Bonus and is based … [Read more…]

Tens or Better Bonus

Video Poker with Tens or Better Bonus Possibly one of the most popular card games of all time is poker, and because of this it has led to many different variations over the decades. These variations have experimented with various different combinations of poker aspects, holding the card ranking and hands system the same throughout … [Read more…]


Amaya Games Online Slot Game Taxi! This another one of Amaya Games online slot games with a rather peculiar theme choice evident on the reels. With this Taxi! slot the choice of theme is understandably this particular transportation system, with all its unique aspects that have made it so effective over the decades. The reels … [Read more…]