Celebrity Themed Pokies

Celebrity Themed Pokies Celebrities seem to hold a fascination for many people and software developers have taken this interest and combined it with online casino gaming.  Celebrities come in the form of music stars, actors and actresses and sporting celebrities are always popular.  There are also TV celebrities and even popular politicians who often make … [Read more…]

Why soccer is such a great sport to wager on

Why Soccer Is Such A Great Sport To Wager On Soccer is known to be a very popular sport, if not the most popular sport in the world.  Proof of this is the interest and hype that surrounds the Soccer World Cup which comes around every four years since its inception in 1930.  The only … [Read more…]

Why online betting keeps getting better

Why Online Betting Keeps Getting Better New Zealand punters no longer need to leave their homes in order to place a bet on their favourite sport.  It stands to reason that the easier it is to make a bet, the more bets will be placed and online sportsbetting sites have taken advantage of this.  New … [Read more…]

Advantages Of Online Gambling

Advantages Of Online Gambling Online gambling is the biggest entertainment industry online and millions of players across the globe enjoy all their favourite games on their desktop, smartphone or tablet. Lets take a look at the advantages that online gambling has to offer you, and you’ll soon see why this industry is so enormous. First … [Read more…]

5 Casino Games to Play Online in New Zealand

If you’re in New Zealand you’re lucky enough to have access to some of the worlds best online casinos! The top casinos all feature a huge selection of games; so if you’re wondering what to play, let us help you out! Pokies are New Zealand’s most popular casino games, and after you spend a little … [Read more…]

cricket bets

The Latest Form of Cricket Bets Cricket, more than many sporting genres, is ideally suited to betting of all types on all aspects of the game. Cricket bets are therefore very much at the cutting edge of several aspects of sports betting. Of these, without doubt the most interesting for cricket aficionados is the live … [Read more…]


Cricket: From the Normans to Online Bookmakers A multi-billion dollar industry today, cricket has a long and illustrious history that stretches back possibly as far as the Normans or the Saxons. What began as an informal game played with a few wooden sticks and a ball has evolved and been codified into the game that … [Read more…]

online casino sign up

Hong Kong Online Casino Sign Up Tips Before any Hong Kong players looking to engage in a safe online casino sign up begin the process, they need to take a few things into consideration, in order to ensure the best experience possible. By taking the right measures and knowing enough about what constitutes a great … [Read more…]

Online Casino

Are Online Casino’s Available in Hong Kong? While there are no online casino sites that are operated from Hong Kong itself, there are many fantastic international casino sites that Hong Kong based players can join, deposit and withdraw funds, and generally enjoy a vast variety of online casino games.  Without having the hassle of going … [Read more…]

Mobile Pokies Real Money

Mobile Pokies Real Money Casino Games In New Zealand, almost everyone has a smartphone or a tablet with them at all times. With improved technology and wider data coverage, anyone can access the internet and send emails, listen to music, watch movies or play games from anywhere in the country. For casino enthusiasts, this means … [Read more…]