Coyote Moon

Online Slot Game Coyote Moon from IGT

This online slot game carries with it a Native American desert theme, with all manner of life and environment coming onto the reels and backdrop of this game to make it appear more immersive and atmospheric. The graphics of the game are quite good, whilst the game does lack the more vibrant and active animations some of the more recent action video slots are capable of bringing to the table. Overall this Coyote Moon slot game from IGT games, an otherwise top game developer, may just be worth a play.

Behind all the thematic makeup and graphics of this slot game there are in fact a set of reels, which in this game comprises of 5 individual reels and some 40 pay lines, an adjustable number to be clear. There are also further betting options on this slot that include the line wager, so to allow for some diversity amongst the players that can join in the gaming. Coyote Moon from IGT games also has a few notable bonuses for the players lying in wait amidst the desert theme. These include some potentially lucrative free spins and even a stacked Wild feature to help form a few extra wins during this feature and beyond.

The Desert Theme of Coyote Moon Slot

The theme of the desert is a rather unique one to set an online slot game to as the relationship between this and the industry in question is rather hard pressed to find. That being said, the dusty brown backdrop and overall colour scheme makes this a simple design to perpetuate and add a good level of detail to. Add to this some basic and adequately assigned sound effects and suddenly the theme of this Coyote Moon slot game from IGT games starts to look quite inviting.

There are also a fair few symbols on the reels of this online slot game that the developers incorporated to accentuate this theme’s portrayal. These symbols make the game come alive during the spins and tie in neatly with the rest of the surroundings of this game to make the experience a more immersive and interactive one. The specific symbols found in this Coyote Moon slot game include animal skulls, coyotes of course, deer, lizards and even hummingbirds. Overall these aspects make the atmosphere and theme seem just that little bit more involved in the actual spinning.

The Coyote Moon Desert Themed Bonus Features

Every online video slot promising a fair degree of action needs a few bonuses on the side to keep the players excited and winning. With Coyote Moon online slot the features available include a Wild symbol, which is the coyote itself, and can substitute for the other base game symbols to form more winnings combinations on the reels. The Scatter symbol of the game is the hand drawn red cave painting, which triggers the aforementioned free spins feature.

The free spins in this Coyote Moon online slot game from IGT begins when players land 3 or more of the Scatter symbols on the reels. This will win players a set of 5 free spins as well as a 2 times multiplier. During this feature the aforementioned red cave painting symbol turns to green and can then trigger this feature again.