Mystery And Suspense In Gothic

Gothic is an online slot game created by Microgaming. It is most notable for its rich and highly detailed visual design, which is based around all things dark and mysterious. It is clear that the visual space around the play area, draped with red curtains and iron spikes, has had a great deal of effort put into it. The sound design is also suitably moody, including a brooding song that is activated by the spinning of the reels.

Each spin progresses the music, quickly drawing the player into a captivating ambience. The game play system uses a five reel, all play system, which allows for payouts to be made for two hundred and forty three different possible matches. This system does mean, however, that the player is not able to adjust play lines in any way, which may turn off players who prefer to have a more active part in the game. Gothic can be played on desktop, loading the game directly in a web browser, or on mobile phone or table. Remember to have an account with funds available if wishing to play the game for real money.

Basic Payouts And Symbols

In fitting with the brooding theme, Gothic has a selection of symbols designed to invoke the dark side of life. The most valuable symbol in the game is a top hot wearing man offering a glass of wine. Whether this figure is a vampire or not is unclear, but he will certainly make players smile with the payouts he grants when matching with himself the maximum of five times. He is accompanied by a brooding busty woman, a candle, and a crow, which are also high paying symbols.

The least valuable symbols in the game are the traditional playing card numbers, including nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace. To really clean up in the game the player must look to the bonus feature symbols, of which there are various coloured gem stones. For a more detailed explanation of the symbols on the play system, please click the pay button on the user interface.

Big Money With Gem Picks

Gothic features a collection of valuable gems, coloured red, blue and green. These gems are scatter symbols, and may match with themselves three times in any position in the play area. Once matched, a second screen will open, showing fifteen gems. The player is allowed to pick a gem, and will reveal a cash prize beneath, or will reveal the word collect.

The player may keep picking gems, and keep gathering cash, as long as they avoid the word collect. This, of course, can be highly lucrative, and may well result in an enormous payout. Once collect is eventually revealed, the player will be given the collected cash, and will return to the slot game. Keep in mind, however, that the coloured gems are rare and will only appear in the play area on occasions. The slot game may have to be played a fair amount of time before being given the opportunity to match scatter symbols and play a gem pick game.