Tens or Better Bonus

Video Poker with Tens or Better Bonus

Possibly one of the most popular card games of all time is poker, and because of this it has led to many different variations over the decades. These variations have experimented with various different combinations of poker aspects, holding the card ranking and hands system the same throughout these variations. This is an online video poker version of the famous card game, developed by Amaya Games and called Tens or Better Bonus. The setup and play of this game is also pretty straightforward, the game graphics also fairly simple. Overall the game seems to be a solid representation of an online video poker game.

Of course when it comes to online video poker the most important thing is the gameplay, and with this Tens or Better Bonus from Amaya Games the game of poker that sits at its centre is that of 5 card draw. This means that the game is played with five cards dealt to the player and then the possibility of holding some or none of these cards is given to the player and the rest exchanged. There are a few other features involved in this online video poker game that make the overall experience both quite fun and rather expansive.

Setup and Play Tens or Better Bonus

One of the best things about video poker is how easy it is to setup and start playing. In this particular variation of the game the presentation of the game screen aids the players even further with the setup by laying out the options and betting possibilities neatly for ease of use. To start a game of Tens or Better Bonus players first select a bet size, number of hands and number of bets. Players then press the deal button and 5 cards are dealt. Because the game is played along the lines of 5 card draw players then have the option to hold any number of these 5 and discard the rest for new ones.

Once the exchange is complete, the hand the players formed is compared to the pay table available below the game screen and the prizes are awarded for the respective hand formed. Again one of the major factors of poker that is common in all the variations is the hand combinations available. These begin as the title of this video poker game Tens or Better Bonus suggests, with a pair of tens, and ends of course with the famous royal flush. Through these available hands players can make this quite a lucrative gaming experience.

Additional Extras and Features of this Poker

Tens or Better Bonus video poker also has a couple of features to make the gaming experience a little more exciting. This includes the bonus side of this game in which the discarded cards can also score wins by matching up with the redrawn cards. This allows for a few extra spontaneous wins along the way. There is also a gamble option included in this Amaya Games poker game which allows players a chance at doubling up their winnings after any winning round. This can be done a few times and so could potentially reap some decently sized returns.